Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Whisker Wednesday: Milk Milk

Milk Milk is starting to doubt if the red dot is a real thing on this Whisker Wednesday.

Does your cat enjoy the elusive red dot?


  1. Lucy demands to play with the red dot before she will go to bed!

  2. Mudpie hasn't played with the red dot in ages. It used to make her pretty wild! I should try pulling it out again.

  3. The red dot is gonna get caught some day!

  4. My cats go crazy for the red dot. They do get a reward catch afterward though.

  5. Is there a cat who does NOT like the red dot? Zoey thinks it's the
    cat's pajamas!
    And actually Dougie Dog thinks it's the cat's pajamas, too!
    It's just a "red dot world" all way round.