Monday, May 25, 2020

Cat Walks Across Keyboard; Shuts Down Website for Months

OWENSBORO, Kentucky – The Whisker Times recently resumed operations following an inadvertent four-month hiatus resulting from a cat walking across the computer keyboard. Bagheera, a sable colored house panther from Kentucky, joyfully trotted across the keyboard in January and proceeded to shut down the cat news website until late May. “When someone says there’s a computer mouse on the desk, I’m going to chase that robotic demon,” mewed Bagheera, “I guess the keyboard was just an innocent bystander.” By somehow holding down the Control and Alt buttons at the same time, Bagheera also hit the down-arrow button, causing mass confusion and the newspaper presses came to a grinding halt. A breakthrough came months later when she again strolled on the keyboard to distract her caregiver while he worked from home and operations were fully restored.