Sunday, August 25, 2019

Tuxedo Cat Constantly Feels Overdressed

LOVELAND, Colorado – A small family cookout turned into yet another moment of embarrassment for Oreo, a cat in Colorado, as he once again wore a tuxedo to a casual event. “I feel like I’m always overdressed for every occasion or place,” mewed Oreo at the barbecue. ‘Tuxedo cats’ have long been desired for their black-and-white fur which mimics the fanciful attire of humans who attend weddings and other upscale events. Oreo contends his fur causes him to look inappropriate at mundane, everyday events like relieving himself. “I can’t even use the litter box without looking like I’m about to award Best Actor at the Oscars,” complained Oreo. He is considering getting a mullet to tone down his appearance.


  1. Precious fella! I thought he wanted to be LESS fancy. A mullet is as upscale as a monocle.

  2. Our tuxedo girl, Chloe, complains that she is constantly being mistaken for a guy because of her appearance. Love the “WhiskerTimes”.

  3. That is cute. I wonder if my Emmy feels that way?